Almi Brine

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Special brine solution for preservation of
cheese – olives – pickles

Bottled Brine 1L

50% of the food waste generated by households are fresh fruit & vegetables.

Preserve properly all brine cheeses & olives

Preserves properly cheese & olives for longer time.

Maintains the original flavor & texture.


Place cheese in a container.
Place olives in jar.

Fill with brine until they are fully covered.

Place them in the refrigerator.

Suitable for Feta cheese & all types of white/brine cheeses (goat’s, cow’s milk cheese, mozzarella, burrata etc.)

DIY pickled vegetables in 3 steps

Make your own pickled vegetables with ready-to use Almi brine!

Use fresh vegetables or leftover ones instead of discarding them and reduce food waste.


Cut washed vegetables in cubes.

Place the cubes in jars.

Fill with brine until the pieces are covered.

Tip: Add vinegar, oil or pepper seeds for extra flavor.


Almi brine in Editor’s choice – Gastronomos magazine

Preserve your cheeses throughout the Lent period

Almi-Brine now available in Athens!

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a: Mouzaki Karditsa, 43060 Greece


t: +30 24340 51111

The product and its contents are protected by: